Schmella Mediation, PLLC uses a flat fee structure:

Length of MediationRate
Half-day$600 per party
Full day$1,200 per party

All parties represented by the same lawyer will be considered one party for purposes of Schmella Mediation, PLLC's mediation fees. 

Schmella Mediation, PLLC recognizes that life happens and a party may need to reschedule a mediation. Schmella Mediation, PLLC requires 48 hours notice of a cancellation. Late cancellations can inconvenience everyone. In the event of the late cancellation of a full-day medition, Schmella Mediation, PLLC may charge a late cancellation fee of $500. In the event of the cancellation of a half-day mediation, Schmella Mediation, PLLC may charge a cancellation fee of $250. 

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